Brighten the Future by Brightening a Mind 

We at Hopelight believe in happiness. We also believe that everyone deserves a shot at his/her dreams.

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The Problem: 1+ Billion Students Don’t Have Lights at Night

Why Hopelight: We are Students Ourselves

Our Plan To Make the World a Happier Place: $20 will enable us to buy an IKEA Solar Light, which we will ship to students in need all around the world


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Convinced? This is how you can help. One second of your time can change the world.

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Give the Gift of Light


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Brightening the future by brightening a mind

There are many areas around the world where inadequate lighting poses a threat to education. When the sun goes down, many people are left in the dark, unable to conduct meetings, read, do homework, or any other activities. In an effort to help alleviate the constraints inadequate lighting places on certain areas of the world, the non-profit organization-Hopelight-was created. Hopelight is a student run nonprofit aimed at providing safe, affordable, and sustainable lighting to communities in need around the world.